Washing machine using the 'bad habits', come and see you didn't - effects Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-19
Most families have a washing machine, and we also often use the washing machine to clean all kinds of clothes, but you really enough & other; Understand & throughout; The washing machine? Actually in the process of use the washing machine, some small bad habit will probably let we wasted effort, walk a lot detours in the process of laundry, so how to correctly use the washing machine, and which should be paid attention to in the process of laundry bad habits? You might as well take a look at.

add detergent by feeling

when the laundry detergent washing machine water reaches saturation, extra detergent cannot completely dissolved, also won't play their decontamination effect, it will adhere to the surface of clothes, make clothes as it isn't clean wash. Therefore, when cleaning a lot of clothes or stubborn stains, soak the clothes in the laundry detergent in advance a meeting again thrown into the washing machine, and then according to the water, right amount can add some laundry detergent.

it should be much laundry detergent to wash clothes? Is there any scientific basis? You really don't have to entanglements these problems, have already appeared on the market can be smart put in the washing machine, washing machine since the add function, can according to the parameters such as weight, smudgy degree programs, clothes, automatic judgment add detergents and fabric softeners, achieve precise dosage, is currently very professional intelligent washing scheme.

clean clothes regardless of color/material

many white-collar workers arrive at ordinary times, avoid to develop & other Get dirty clothes & throughout; The habit of washing together again by the weekend. But must remember separately depending on the type of clothes to wash, otherwise it may cross infection such tragedy! Because through the clothes will have a lot of bacteria, actually so long didn't note that coat inside mixed wash dear friends can be sure to get rid of this bad habit!

now washing machine functions are becoming more diversified and differentiation, but since many consumers buy a washing machine, no matter what clothes washing has only & other; Standard & throughout; Program, never use the function of the other more subdivided, so actually lost the real value, washing machine wash is a fuzzy control procedures and standards, not to set the speed and time according to different fabrics, is likely to wash not clean wash clothes even worst.

water temperature/speed setting the mood

if you think that in the process of washing, the greater the strength of the washing machine, the cleaning effect will be better, that's a big mistake! Too much efforts can directly damage clothing fibers, as a matter of fact, by detergent chemical performance, coupled with a moderate power, is fully capable of fiber of dirt on the surface of clean clothes!

for water temperature setting is not out of & throughout; High temperature aseptic & throughout; The consideration and the material of the clothing itself. Actually a lot of clothing material is not suitable for high temperature water washing, or it will fade and shrink this tragedy. In addition, we often use the enzyme detergent containing the most suitable water temperature in 40 & deg; C, the temperature too high or too low will reduce the activity of enzyme.

if you are in the process of washing need special Settings, you can choose according to their garments fabrics first corresponding program, and then in the speed of the in-depth or washing dose selection, so as not to wash clothes by setting error bad!

never clean washing machine

actually used in a washing machine, roller doors and Windows easy residue after the fog inside or the outside, if close the doors at this time, cause mould easily, cause infection. To know besides we can see the inner barrel, will have a set of barrels outside, washing in water will be rocking back and forth among two barrels of interlining, even after drainage discharge clean, also hard to avoid in the sewage infectant, placement time is long also attracts dirt easily.

so, in addition to remember to open the doors after washing clothes to keep ventilated, also remember to regularly clean washing machine. Such as Bosch washing detergent box has an antibacterial liquid on the mouth, professional aseptic liquid procedures, can effectively reduce and prevent bacterial growth, so don't have to worry about washing machine bacteria breeding and.
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