Washing machines wash clothes stuck together do not winding - _ washing machines wash clothes Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-26
Washing machines wash clothes together is a kind of common phenomenon, many people will meet the situation. So how can you prevent washing machines wash clothes together? Let's specific and see it!

a, how to prevent the clothes together

1, the plastic

when washing clothes, put on clothes first, then lost two water bottles in the water, then you can start to wash his clothes;

after washing, we will find the clothes all scattered, not knot.

principle: in a plastic bottle, change of flow velocity in the washing machine, torsion bigger, make water can wash clothes cleaner, also won't together.

2, wool ball

in addition to use plastic bottles, laundry ball also is right choice. If don't own laundry ball, wool balls can be used in place of the oh, use it, remember to wool ball tied tightly, prevent because agitating for wool ball farther apart.

the wool after the ball into the washing machine with washing machine mixing, dirt can quickly from the fiber, dispersed in water. At the same time, also can avoid clothes wrapped in together, can quickly and effectively remove stain!

shall wash his clothes, put the wool ball into the sleeve or leg, folding it will be able to run washed in a washing machine ~

3, laundry bags,

put has buttons of clothes in the laundry bag, put in the washing machine to clean, can effectively avoid the washing machine to whip the buttons missing, also can reduce the wear and tear for the washing machine, to prevent a lot of clothes intertwined.

if wash pants, washed in the laundry bag, can avoid to wash out wrinkled trousers, even pressing time is saved, is simple and convenient and effective!
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