Washing powder processing manufacturers share the difference between washing powder and laundry liquid

by:Jingliang     2023-06-07
Laundry powder processing manufacturers found that the common laundry detergents on the market can generally be divided into three types: ordinary laundry detergent, high-grade phosphorus-free laundry detergent and conceptual laundry detergent. Generally speaking, washing powder and laundry detergent rely on surfactants and special functional additives to complete the cleaning function of common dirt on fabrics. 1. Due to the difference in shape, the formula structure of the two is different. The laundry detergent is solid, and a lot of solid fillers can be added. These fillers can play the role of filling and washing aid. Non-structural laundry detergents are generally It is a liquid raw material or a soluble raw material, and there is no abrasive. 2. Laundry powder is soluble in water and has a strong alkalinity (high pH). The dissolving process releases heat, degreasing and hurting hands, while laundry detergent is mild and does not hurt hands, and dissolves quickly. 3. Precipitation. Because laundry detergent contains a lot of solid additives, it is easy to redeposit on the clothes and make the fabric hard, while the surfactant of laundry detergent has good water solubility, easy to rinse, and less deposition. 4. Detergency. Due to the presence of phosphorous additives, friction aids, alkaline additives, and enzyme additives in washing powder, the detergency of washing powder is stronger than that of laundry detergent (especially for dirty and greasy clothes. ), laundry detergent now also has very little enzymes, but the detergency is still not as good as that of laundry detergent. Now people's clothes are washed diligently, and they are not dirty at all (not working as coal diggers or planting crops). Laundry liquid can completely complete the washing function, so it is reasonable and reasonable for laundry liquid to replace washing powder. China is just relatively Slowly, with the government's control of non-phosphating, the amount of washing powder will decrease. 5. Convenience, washing powder is easy to dirty the home environment around the washing machine during use, and laundry detergent is easy to use and clean. 6. High-grade, the positioning of the laundry detergent itself is a high-end detergent. Generally, people will choose laundry detergent instead of washing powder for better clothes. Welcome to choose Foshan Jingliang Daily Chemicals Co., Ltd. for laundry detergent processing. The company website is:
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