Washing powder processing manufacturers teach you how to avoid color fading when washing clothes

by:Jingliang     2023-06-06
Laundry powder processing manufacturers teach you how to avoid color fading during washing: 1. Newly purchased pure cotton vests and undershirts should be soaked in boiling water before wearing, which are wear-resistant and do not fade. 2. Jeans are easy to fade when washed. Soak them in cold concentrated salt water for about 2 hours before washing, and then wash with soap to prevent fading. 3. To wash clothes that are easy to fade, you can first soak the clothes in salt water for about 30 minutes, then wash them with clean water, and then wash them according to the general washing method. This will prevent the color from fading, especially if it is black or red. 4. The color of the sweater is easy to fade when washing. If you soak the sweater in cold tea for 10 minutes, and then wash it according to the general washing method, after washing in this way, the sweater can not only be washed clean, but also will not fade, and it can also be used for a longer period of time. Use the number of years. 5. The fading of colored clothing due to improper washing will affect its appearance. Most of the dyes are easy to dissolve in water; the dyes are also easy to fade under the action of sunlight in a wet state; if the dyes and fiber lines are not firmly combined, they will also fade when washed. Therefore, in order to prevent the color of the clothes from fading, in addition to paying attention not to soak in hot water, soapy water, or alkaline water for a long time when washing, and not to scrub with a washing board or brush, you can put some salt in the water when washing, and then rinse with clean water. Rinsing it out is also a good way to prevent color from fading. When drinking or eating, some tea stains or sauces are often inadvertently stained on the clothes. These dirt may leave ugly marks on the clothes, but some small real-time remedies may help you restore a piece of clothing. Beloved clothes. If you accidentally get tea stains, there are two ways to deal with them. If the tea stains are new, you can wash them with hot water and rub them, and if they are old, you can soak them in strong salt water. If the clothes are stained with soy sauce, the newly stained soy sauce stains can be washed with cold water and then removed with detergent, and the old soy sauce stains can be soaked by adding an appropriate amount of ammonia water to the detergent, or try rubbing them with alcohol. , you can slightly remove the old soy sauce stains. Laundry powder processing manufacturers welcome you to enter the official website for consultation: https://www.jingliang-pod.com/
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