Washing powder processing manufacturers teach you to know the active agents in several washing products

by:Jingliang     2023-06-06
Washing powder processing manufacturers point out that surfactants are organic compounds with special structures and properties. They can obviously change the interfacial tension between two phases or the surface tension of liquid (generally water), and have the functions of emulsification, wetting and foaming. , solubilization, sterilization, softness, antistatic, defoaming and washing properties. Laundry powder processing manufacturers teach you to know the active agents in several washing products: Anionic surfactant: Laundry powder is a kind of surfactant whose surface active groups are negatively charged after ionization in aqueous solution. The active agent has excellent decontamination, foaming, dispersing, emulsifying, and wetting properties, and it is a raw material with a large output of detergent. Cationic surfactant: It is a kind of surfactant whose surface active group is positively charged after dissociation in water. Such surfactants usually have a strong adsorption force to negatively charged articles such as textiles, plastics, metals, glass or animal bodies, thus having bactericidal, soft and antistatic effects. Nonionic surfactants: This type does not dissociate in water, and its surface activity is provided by both water-soluble polar groups and water-insoluble non-polar groups. This type of surfactant has good wetting, emulsifying, dispersing, penetrating, anti-hard water, degreasing and solubilizing capabilities. Compared with anionic surfactants, nonionic surfactants have lower foam. Zwitterionic surfactant: This is a kind of substance whose active group has both positive and negative charges after dissociation in water, and is a substance with an internal salt structure. Depending on the pH value of the aqueous solution, it exhibits different anionic or cationic properties. Acids show cationic properties, basics show anionic properties, and neutrals show nonionic properties. These surfactants have good foam, penetration, antistatic, cleaning and fabric softening properties. Detergents: In the preparation of detergents, in addition to surfactants, a certain amount of detergents are added. Detergent aids refer to the addition of auxiliary ingredients related to decontamination and capable of detergent properties. In this way, the cost of finished detergent can be reduced, the detergency can be improved, the appearance of the detergent can be improved, it is easy to use, and its comprehensive performance can be improved. That’s all for the introduction of laundry detergent processing manufacturers, I hope it can help you.
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