Washing process problems and solving method Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-25
1, laundry equipment in what problem often encountered when washed? How to solve? Laundry equipment washed namely ordinary washing, by adding softener or detergent, make more soft and comfortable after washing. According to the washing time and dosage of additives, can be divided into light, wash, wash and heavy garment wash.

2, washed in the textile industry is a kind of can increase the post-treatment technology of fabric softness, generally can also add other reagents in the wash, can better improve the fabric handle. Washing temperature is exorbitant, can produce color, should be paid attention to when catharsis. Once a color should be up and down quickly in washing liquid bulk rinse, then wash them in cold water. If it doesn't take a color clothes can be around 80 ℃ hot soap lye ( A bit thick) Repeatedly carry rinse, then wash with warm water, generally can be removed. Like white clothes also leave traces, insurance powder or sodium hypochlorite solution in clean.

3, spent washing after refers to the parts after washing color becomes shallow. Is mostly due to overexert when catharsis, operation is not uniform, shop brush, water temperature is too high. Mild flower can pave on clean, flat bedplate, slightly hard scrub twice, and then in thermal light soap powder (plus a small amount of insurance Add half tablespoon every 5 liters solution) 。

again to carry clothes quickly up and down within the soap rinse several times, so serious flower back to dye. Pure cotton wool clothing when catharsis, first put the clothes in the washing machine for quenching and pre-washed, then scrub with soap for serious smudgy parts.

4, partial hard to soft scrub, prevent local decoloring, corduroy, velvet. Clothing after scrubbing washing detergent powder room temperature 15 minutes are available, and finally rinse with warm water and cold water, dehydration, drying.
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