Washing - satin jacquard and embroidery suite Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-23
How to wash satin jacquard and embroidery suite? Satin jacquard fabric design suite would be other processes ( Such as lace, embroidery, etc. ) Is it is important to note in the washing. Dry cleaning is not recommended.


the neutral detergent ( Do not use detergent containing bleaching compositions) In the water, after being completely dissolved add items, generally no more than half.

when cleaning, the water temperature is less than 30 ℃, reverse washing, please make a separate washing deep light color, lest dyeing. In outdoor ventilated place opposite to dry after cleaning, do not insolate.

wash for the first time, please put a little salt to soak in low temperature.

when washing jacquard such bed is tasted suite if need, please wash separately such bed is tasted suite. Do not add other clothes, to prevent other buttons on the clothes or metal products with silk.

before drying, as far as possible to pull the suite level off, the first conditional drying, also should avoid as far as possible dry. Because the jacquard bedding bag of ribbon is likely to be in the process of drying deformation, cause not beautiful. Must use low temperature iron when ironing.


washing embroidery products before soaking, must first put the embroidery bedding bag inside out, in one side of your embroidery. Then put into the washing machine has been dissolved detergent, must take the soft washing way.
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