Washing supplies new faster laundry sheet has good - in the supermarket Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-30
We use at ordinary times of washing products, from soap, washing powder to laundry detergent, generation after generation of change. With the upgrading of cleaning products, in recent years, a new washing products are also called laundry tablets has emerged, and quickly each big supermarket chain sold throughout the country. Reporter survey found that the public about this new type of washing products generally accepted degree is high, willing to try new products.

today, the reporter visited the consecutive yong hui carrefour, rt-mart, China resources, several large supermarket chains, such as in the cleaning area has seen a called & other; Nanometer ultra concentrated laundry sheet & throughout; Laundry products. A few people around curiously looked at staff in laundry trial zone demonstration. Staff put laundry slice off a small piece of paper size is in a small bucket of water, but a few seconds, laundry tablets is fully opened. Then a covered with various stains dishcloth bubble in a little while, a bucket of water turbidity up slowly. The cloth gently rub a few staff to pick up on see, more than clean a dirty cloth.

to shopping, says ms shaw & other; Have heard friends say laundry piece of this product before, but I have never used. Just to see supermarket today, feel quite curious, just come and look at & throughout; After reading the staff presentation, Ms. Shaw put two boxes of laundry tablets in the shopping cart. “ Just look at the presentation, I think the washing effect is good. Thin a thin, and it is more convenient to carry, the day after tomorrow I go on a trip, just can take. ”

reporter interviewed several randomly and came on the sidelines of a citizen, found that the citizens for this new type of laundry products generally accepted degree is high. Laundry tablets, they say, is convenient to carry, easy to store does not occupy a space it is better than traditional laundry products, and the characteristics of if laundry washing effect is good enough, they are willing to accept this new type of washing products.

it is known that supermarket on sale this & other; Nanometer ultra concentrated laundry sheet & throughout; , use the nano super concentrated Germany technology to develop and become a kind of multi-functional ecological washing products. Compared with the traditional way, greatly improving the product decontamination ability, no phosphorus, no added, does not hurt the hand, washing in water can be decomposed quickly melt, releasing nanoscale clean small molecules, deeper more thoroughly purify the deposition in the obstinate stains on the clothes. Slice and more humanized design, easy to store, carry and do not occupy a space.
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