Washing the hospital linen - cost out five reasons Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-17
Hospital linen washing with normal linen washing the biggest difference between ordinary cloth clean standard if there is no stain on the surface, as to whether to pathogenic microorganism, no strict requirements. While hospitals are much more strict, not only stipulated surface shall be without stain, cloth grass can only pathogenic microorganisms in trace amounts, can cause patients with secondary infection, this means that every link of hospital linen washing has more stringent requirements, to meet these requirements will increase cost, below the condition of our hospital was divided into five aspects detailed analysis of the cause of the current hospital linen washing cost.

a linen before washing, hospital tends to be the patient's blood, body fluids, fecal contamination, even if not contact with the patient the machine cover, curtain and other goods, because of the pathogenic microorganisms in the hospital environment is the hundreds of thousands of times in common environment, which the adhesion of bacteria, viruses and other also is not a small number, so will join the oxygen in the process of washing disinfectant, and high temperature ( 75℃) Catharsis, in such conditions to do fabric deformation do not fade, no doubt will increase the cost of large, in practice we asked all want to be in hospital laundry washing cloth grass, go through try to wash before purchasing, transmitted by three class standard washing can buy cloth grass, basically in the process of the finished products wholesale market, even big manufacturer a passing rate of less than 50%, so that the final purchase price is higher than ordinary products 50% 100%.

2, the choice of the washing machine in order to prevent clean linen polluted again, we chose the health quarantine type washing machine, this washing machine will pollute the warehousing and clean linen cloth made of spatially separated out of the storehouse, clean linen will no longer enter the contaminated area, greatly reducing the possibility of contaminated again, but due to the relatively complex health isolation type washing machine technology, MTK very few, inadequate competition, cause the price on the high side, plus laundry plant construction should strictly distinguish, have different exhaust system, makes working with the same number of grass cloth washing workshop hardware costs for more than three times of ordinary washing machine, so that from the business point of view, general washing machine factory is not consider using health isolating type of washing machine, but it should be the development direction of hospital linen after washing.

3, laundry material choice due to the use of the hospital health isolation type washing machine, all kinds of grass cloth washing preset program, all kinds of washing machines on the weight of materials to ensure that the in order to achieve the best cleaning effect, not merely to the discretion of the price as the standard of choice, but the joint departments for each manufacturer product unit number comprehensive washing ability to judge, and considering the scientific research and production capacity of manufacturers. The most high quality wins, although the price is higher, but worth it. Cut corners in today, pay more and more attention to the quality of the product will affect the washing quality, also will be eliminated by the user.

4, transshipment process specification hospital laundry hospital linen washing work not only, also bear the cloth grass accept send the yard work, in order to ensure clean linen in this link is not polluted, strictly distinguish between feeding personnel duties, cross each other, although this makes feeding people live half the time in empty, reduces the working efficiency, increase the work cost, but in the program to eliminate the secondary pollution clean cloth grass. Also now many large hospital is located in the centre of exiguous, under the condition of the business occupancy nervous the first thought is to reduce logistics occupancy, take up the space is relatively large laundry is the preferred target, measures mainly is the outsourcing goods washing center being built in the suburbs, which have increased transportation distance and the number of transition, storage time is extended accordingly, leading to a huge increase in the chance of secondary pollution clean cloth grass.

5, dry program hospitals all are through the dryer to dry wash cloth grass, or by the iron clamp machine roll flat ironed, so in the second high temperature disinfection, and some washing in order to save costs, should adopt the method of natural air dry, not only no disinfection efficacy and increases the chance of contamination.

all in all, if the pathogenic microorganisms attached data standard strict request hospital linen washing clean, hospital linen washing cost will be high!
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