Water color pen mark can wash clean? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-20
Color pen as primary school students and business promotion common stationery has become so common. There are many different kinds of color colorful bright, but also the thickness and width of a variety of different specifications, was welcomed by all aspects. But accidentally contaminated clothing to hate.

water color pen stains mark is mainly the dye, which can be divided into two kinds, one kind is ordinary dye, another kind is with a fluorescent dye. Remove the colored pens in trace can have two options, if is white textiles and clothing fabrics can be washed, insurance powder can use nitrogen were in addition to, or used for reduction bleaching. If infected with color of clothing is color fabrics, remove become laborious. The first to use the surface of the water as much as possible will be colored pens floating color, pay attention to when using the spray gun to protect the organization pattern of fabrics. Then use & other; SETIZ” Quickol (blue) ” And & other SEI1Z ' Col- orsol( Brown) ” Scouring agent residual color mark will be removed.

above the clothes of the color is more shallow people can also use high temperature alkaline detergent washing, in most cases will wash color mark. Some casual clothes can also take summer low temperature low concentration of chlorine bleaching, use a long soaking method to remove the stains mark color pen.
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