Water how to prevent and remedy - seven big accident Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-24
Water to wash clothes in our shop for a large proportion, so water accident is frequent, how we will be in a work accident to reduce to the smallest range? Today we are going to discuss some matters needing attention of water and some of the remedy after the accident.

water prone to accident categories: shrink and fluff, wear, decoloring, set color, spread and color, partial fading, etc.

a, shrinking:

easy to shrink the fabric with pure cotton, linen, wool, silk, spun rayon yarn and crepe class, whalen, etc. , its shrinking reason mainly manufacturers before processing clothing without pre shrinking processing fabrics, in the cause of clothing fabrics shrink when we wash; Second, when washing water temperature control is not good.

advice: fabrics such as not to bleach when washing, it is best to use cold water when washing, control the mechanical force, with a good detergent.

2, burr:

easy napping fabric when washing washer wrinkle fabric with cotton, viscose, villeneuve, etc, the reasons of fuzz mainly are usually of worsted fabrics, textile is close. When washing method and mechanical force caused by improper use. Generally like this kind of fabric is not suitable for scrubbing of the way of washing, because the scrubbing of the friction with the fabric is too large, it is easy to make the fabric surface damage, appear on the surface of fuzz, local decoloring.

advice: before washing, first wipe up prebrushing agent in besmirch place, wait for 1-2 minutes and then into the washing machine washing, turn it over to wash opposite when necessary.

3, wear:

easy to wear and tear during washing fabrics are mainly is hard, pretty, thick clothes ( Including done preshrunk wrinkle free finishing of fabrics) , such as pure cotton, chemical fiber fabrics made of trousers, jacket, shirt, dress, especially the collar, cuffs and bottom position. These positions appear wear are the main reasons for such reasons, one is dressed in a long time, when in the closed due to besmirch is more, will cover wear, after washing, 2 it is thanks to stain more dirty, when scrubbing force caused by too much; Three is to use the washing machine wash, in most cases caused by mechanical force is too large.

suggestion: in order to avoid the wear and tear of clothing, mainly before washing, carefully check the clothes wear itself, if there are any problems timely notify the relevant personnel, were allowed to wash; Heavy dirty clothes in the
to determine the clothes before washing fabrics, and then can adjust the washing conditions, appropriate to reduce the mechanical force, shorten appropriately washing time.

4, decoloring:

when washing if there are some not suitable for washing conditions, such as: water temperature is too high, detergent of ph is not suitable for clothing fabrics, mechanical force is too large, washing time is too long, or not do color before washing test, etc. , will cause discoloration of various kinds of fabrics, all kinds of clothing.

advice: pay attention to the several conditions above, and the reasonable use in washing. If not very serious, can use a basin of 80 ℃ water, add 40 ml and 50 ml of polishing agent, washing 4-6 times, also can adopt the method of spray to remedy, if serious, only dye this kind of method.

5, a color:

is washing clothes in front of the main classification do not clear, no separate deep light color, produced by color when washing, or due to drying space is too narrow, clothing and clothing of the gap is too small, deep and light color not effectively separated, take look.

advice: effectively classified before washing, drying, deep light color separation. Light color clothes can use a basin of 80 ℃ water, add 40 ml and 50 ml of neutral detergent, carry wash over five to 10 times. White clothes can also be directly using hydrogen peroxide solution, insurance powder normal processing.

6, spread and color:

main clothing fabrics with different depth color, soak before washing time is too long, or after washing clothes is not fully dry, the spread and color during drying.

advice: reduce the soaking time; Unfavorable to dry clothes, can use big towel wrap clothing, using big towel blot moisture on the clothes, drying is not easy to spread and color. If there have been spread and color, with the cup blunt a cup of water of rongalite, insurance powder with water with the writing brush, from spread and color position 0. 5-1 cm daub, make insurance powder water slowly spread to the spread and color. ( This method is limited to white and other colors of fabrics)

7, local fading:

is mainly due to scouring force is too large when the scouring agent doesn't fit, or choose local treatment have been carried out or when catharsis, scrub too hard or for local bleaching, it is possible that the clothes before charging, the guest has been stained with some strong acid or alkali substances, after we wash, caused by a chemical reaction happened with detergent.

advice: if such accidents, such as the area is larger, can use polish recovery agent and water 1:1 proportion of blending

into mixture, to rub off on spraying; If rub off area is lesser, also can dip in with cotton pure polishing agent in rub off place daub recovery. Premise is before daub must squeeze swab hand hard to dry, make the swab is in a state of slightly damp is the best.
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