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by:Jingliang     2020-07-27
1, hard degree

can not influence the general thought hardness 50 parts per million, 20 PPM is very good.

cheese dyeing water so much, but the content of copper and iron ions in water to note.

better usually reactive dyeing in 50 parts per million, the key is the metal ion content, especially iron, can lead to the change of light, suggest that measuring the conductivity of the water.

applied in the production of bleaching wastewater to meet the requirement of discharging standard product easy to produce color flower is the main reason of the electrical conductivity of water is on the high side; Dye wastewater reuse should be focus on the electrical conductivity of wastewater. Conventional wastewater treatment methods can not effectively remove lead to high conductivity of metal ion wastewater, must through the reverse osmosis membrane treatment to remove.

hard through congress in boiler water wall and water dirt effectually, the calcium and magnesium ions in the water can make the soap precipitation. Uneven dyeing, fabric feel is bad, fabric yellowed. By reducing the activity of desizing enzyme, reduce the solubility of sizing material, do not mix with finishing formulation of chemicals.

processing method can use EDTA or try the dosage of 2 g/l sodium tripolyphosphate, better blocking agent is to buy special metal ions; Dyeing water as no softening treatment, or thick cloth often contain metal ions often causes uneven dyeing ( Bad) The influence of. So add fangs and dispersant in dyeing process to prevent metal ions, and can promote the yuan in addition to the results.

but EDTA ( Ethylene diamine diacetate) DTPA, NTA, phosphate. Glucose acid rock and metal ions in the dispersant could dye rock out, cause the loss of sunlight fastness and leg colour. So some netizens recommend more phosphate, alkyd class the fangs of dispersant.


now works groundwater for water for dyeing cotton, without softening and filtering processing, before the cone yarn dyed out clearly can see a layer of dirt, water with a small amount of bleaching powder, now a little improvement, but the cone yarn dyed out after have feel the underlying hair acerbity, colored light and dark, positive &negative debugged, water softener also add lead, but the effect is not obvious, further verification, in pretreatment for layer at the bottom of the scouring water hardness of about 130 PPM.


the water is too hard, dyed yarn of groundwater, water quality is too hard and too many impurities, may result in your color yarn bobbin inner layer of dirt, the best solution is to put the groundwater pumping to precipitation, ground water softening, then use the filter to filter water, so there will be no problem, but in a little bigger.

2, impurities and microbial

cationic film of working liquid in the water is not stable, it with the river of microbial flocculation, produce yellow floc, touch on the fabric, after drying, stereotypes will form the macula on the fabric, so you can know, why in 5 ~ 6 month temperature lower fitness algae breeding is easy to appear quality problem, especially in autumn winter season is rarely appear such circumstance.

the stand or fall of water stability of mixture of working liquid soft, soft whiteness of the treated fabrics has great influence, so the dye factory as far as possible the use of treated water in production.

some manufacturer use the activated carbon filter will appear when the water quality after a similar situation, this is because the microorganism is very small, not fully activated carbon adsorption, filtering, so in the sedimentation tank of water treatment before joining cation table surface active agent with the microbial flocculation in the water, then through activated carbon filter, can improve the effect of water treatment; Also activated carbon must be regularly clean or replace.

if the above method is not feasible or still cannot put an end to the quality problem, suggest that the manufacturer when algae reproduce exuberant use of non-ionic and anionic film or with non-ionic film together with silicone oil to handle.

in macular produce more manufacturers, with amino silicone oil to sort out this did not happen.

winter also is not good for the dye factory one million head, the water quality is poorer.

3, pH

for reactive dye, pH value of 7 ~ 9, the products of normal color, show that the pH range of product color difference, the existence of a small amount of alkali will not change or destruction of reactive dye molecule base group.

when the pH value is 8. 5, the wet rubbing fastness and soaping fastness of the fabric for level 3, can't meet customer requirements; Further increases when the pH value, color fastness, clear water alkalinity increase, affect the fastness of the dye products.

wastewater recycling plant feed water quality general requirements pH & lt; 9, to ensure the microbial growth from the basicity of processing system damage and can run normally, and the water quality standard pH fall 85, it is best to close to 7.

4, salt,

the salts in recycling system is mainly sodium sulfate, it has two sources:

1, as accelerating agent in accelerating process;

2, boiling and solid color process of caustic soda and soda ash, after sulfuric acid neutralization, are transformed into sodium sulfate.

the recycle system of limit salinity is 924 mg/L, and the salinity is not affect the quality of fabric dyeing.

5, iron ion

pretreatment iron ions can make hydrogen peroxide gathered speed up decomposition, which result in producing cloth cover with holes.

dark iron ion can lead to dyeing cloth, it's easy to have a point. As for removing method, how to look at content generally 15 parts per million, it doesn't matter, if a little higher but added chelating agent.

6, the chloride ion

pure chlorine ion for reactive dyeing is of no effect, because some people use salt as accelerating agent, but its cylinder body of vats is influential, to see if you used vats steel resistance to chlorine.

if it is like running water, containing active chlorine bleach sterilization, and more than a certain standard, will affect the dye.
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