Water washing and phosphorous fluorescent agent, healthy environmental protection products - kill Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-28
Are you still with phosphorus and fluorescent whitening agent of washing products?

are you still bear the dangers of alkali detergent for clothes?

fluorescent whitening agent is common additive in the traditional washing products, the residual fluorescent whitening agent after invading the body in the clothing, difficult to decompose, be accumulated in the body, greatly reduce the human body immunity, especially will cause damage to the baby's delicate skin.

while washing powder contains the substances harmful to the human body and environment, such as phosphorus and PH value test is generally strongly basic, long-term use will not only corrosion hand skin, also can destroy the fabric structure, make the clothes more wash more hard, fade ageing.

water washing, starting from the health, do not add phosphorus and fluorescent whitening agent, PH value is close to 7, neutral gentle, don't damage the hand skin cleaning process, does not destroy clothes fiber structure, make the clothes more wash more smooth, bright as new.

laundry active matter content of 75%, decontamination capability, able to efficiently remove stubborn stains, bring you a whole day clean! Care for health, choose a safety and health from the washing product to start!
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