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by:Jingliang     2020-07-30
Water washing is a new generation of household cleaning products, with environmental protection, high efficient and clean household cleaning care products. Laundry technology originated in Europe, popular in European and American markets in the past two years, and gradually spread to east Asia and other places, is replace the current mainstream of washing supplies & ndash; — The trend of the detergent, laundry detergent. Water washing is made of super concentrated patent technology, have become environmental protection, high efficiency, clean washing, create a new revolution of laundry, lead the new trend of the washing.

characteristic information

6 times, clean, half piece done

laundry water rich in surfactant, coconut oil derivatives, tea saponin, biological agents in the link, can be more deeply clean clothes, give you different clean. It using the latest patent super enrichment technology, the volume is only about 1/5 of the other cleaning products, from now on with bulky easily and big bag of washing powder or moisture content as much as 80% of laundry detergent to say goodbye, sharply reduce the transportation cost, convenient to carry, travel, travel carrying.

2, environmental protection health non-polluting

the traditional washing product technology, to achieve clean effect, the general use of phosphorus and other chemical additives as clean; In order to achieve clean effect, can add fluorescent whitening agent, various countries have clear stipulation to this kind of chemical additives standard, because phosphorus and fluorescent whitening agent such as too much will harm human health!

and phosphorous and fluorescent agent, such as sewage discharge into rivers or lakes can severely damage the water ecosystem balance, serious impact on water quality. Water washing without phosphorus fluorescent chemical additives, biodegradable ingredients, zero pollution, protect you and your family health, protect our environment!

3, soft close skin, protect health

water washing to adopt green natural formula, ensure that do not contain fluorescent whitening agent and so on harm to human health and the environment composition, and PH value is close to neutral, gentle no stimulation, unlike traditional washing products have strong alkali, the harm of the clothes is almost zero.

new detergent formulation, nursing clothes, make clothes more smooth, comfortable cleaning close-fitting clothing, children's clothing, protect the skin, clear water washing to give you the best!

4, clean decontamination, natural fragrance
water laundry tablets containing multiple surface active factor, strong combination, jie force strong, can clear the variety of stubborn stains on the clothes, keep clothes clean and bright.

water laundry bacteriostatic time is long, and have mouldproof and moth-proofing function, laundry fragrance is pure and fresh and natural, from opening the package, to the clothes to dry, faint scent of 36 - grow 48 hours, allowing you to keep the natural charm.
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