Waterproof and Gore Tex ™ clothing Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-17
According to label instructions, use dry cleaning or soap to wash to maintain the waterproof performance of waterproof fabric

do not use detergent

however, remember that soap flakes should not be used for front-loading washer & ndash; If you only have this kind of washing machine, please hand wash with

if waterproof clothing wash care label, you should use do not contain alkaline detergent to wash the clothes, please use the silk wool detergent & ndash; They to neutral ph, so not oily from alkali
Gore - 泰克斯吗?

for Gore - 泰克斯吗? Clothing

for any detergent ( Both biological and non-biological, or containing bleach)

keep in mind that use soft mode laundry

do not use fabric softener

Gore - 泰克斯吗? Clothing is treated with ptfe, which makes clothes have waterproof function, and fabric softeners will remove ptfe, affect the performance of the clothing.

clothes will have waterproof function, but will be heavier and water.


washing clothing decorations will affect on the way and the use of washing products. For example, if a dress with a leather collar and care labels may say, & other; Only dry cleaning & throughout; , although the clothes of other parts can be washed.
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