We pay attention to wash down jacket? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-24
Polyester down jacket has four envy:

one, avoid alkaline content

2, avoid is used a washing machine or by hand rub

3, avoid twist wring

4, avoid open flame roasting

wash down jacket right washing method is as follows:

if you don't too dirty down jacket, can use dry cleaning method ( This dry cleaning is not sent to dry cleaners dry cleaning) , dip in with towel gasoline in down jacket collar and cuffs, try the place such as the front hanging gently, wearing after stay clean gasoline volatilization.

if down jacket is too dirty, only the whole washing method is adopted.

pinna first soak in cold water for 2 minutes. In 2 tablespoons of washing powder with water to mix of 20 or so a stir all 30 ℃ in the clear water, then put out of the fish in clean water and extrusion to water down jacket, soak 5 a 10 points each winter down jacket from the washing liquid, flat out on the clean table, dip in with soft brush cleaning solution scrub gently from inside to outside.

after the scrub clean, keep the clothes in the washing liquid carrying brush a few times, and then in 30 ℃ warm water rinse after 2 times, add clean water rinse three times, to completely remove liquid detergent residues. Will rinse clean down jacket with a dry towel gently suck out the water, and then in the sun or dry in ventilated place. Dry after appearing, with a small stick gently garment surface, recover the original fluffy soft down jacket.
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