What are the brand _ laundry laundry sheet piece of which brand is good. . . Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-29
Laundry sheet products have been in the domestic rise almost 2 years, after the baptism of wechat business, settle the brand still compose compose, a lot of washing also began preparations for the well-known brands, laundry area with care of clothes, do not contain fluorescent whitening agent, no phosphorus, without adding, the characteristics of mild and not hurting hands, can a deeper more thoroughly purify the sedimentary obstinate stains on clothes, antibacterial mouldproof, easy-to-use products need time to prove, below small make up to introduce the laundry piece of what brand is good? What are the laundry tablets brand?

(1), spring cubic laundry

laundry piece rise wechat business channels, now also go offline large business super, now has been cultivated, the product is muddy water formula, secondary technical adjustment

(2), and made white laundry tablets

wash well-known brands, but laundry products go wechat business channels, also in the development of

(3), clean lego laundry tablets

electricity channel emerging brand, also go offline channels, development momentum is good

(4), midrib laundry

direct channel brand, laundry products for direct sales channel, not foreign sales

5, keon laundry

a line of washing brands try washing pieces products, early start, development also good

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