What are the dangers of inferior detergent?

by:Jingliang     2022-11-29
Detergent, in a greasy environment everywhere, the value of detergent is fully exerted, and the dishes and rice bowls with various delicious dishes on the dining table can also be helped by detergent. can be recycled below. What are the dangers of inferior detergent? 1. Interfere with metabolism. As a chemical agent, detergent contains a lot of surfactants. Surfactants can reduce the effect of surface tension and squeeze out the dirt hidden in the fiber gap, which has a great effect on cleaning the stains. But if these substances enter the human body through our hands, they will interfere with metabolism. 2. Blood acidification If the detergent enters the human body by taking food by hand, the concentration of calcium ions in the blood may decrease, the blood will be acidified, and people will become easily tired. These toxins will also reduce the detoxification function of the liver, so that the toxins that should be excreted from the body accumulate in the body and even cause cancer. What should I pay attention to when using detergents and hygienic cleaning products? ​(1) The detergent of detergent should choose suitable cleaning products for different purposes. For example, the detergent selected in the kitchen has both washing and disinfection functions, and is an alkaline detergent. (2) It is necessary to choose the products of regular manufacturers. The product labels of regular manufacturers generally indicate: instructions for use, implementation standards, net content, factory location, shelf life, etc. (3) Use in strict accordance with the requirements of the instruction manual to prevent accidents. (4) Avoid accidental ingestion, reduce direct contact with the skin, and reduce irritation to the respiratory tract. (5) Some hygienic cleaning products have potential effects on human health and the natural environment, and a large number of abuse should be avoided.
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