What are the factors affect the color fastness? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-27
The main reason for the garment/fabric color fastness problems?

1, the differences between different textile fiber fabric

in short, is obviously better than the synthetic fabric color fastness to natural fiber and synthetic fiber fabric color fastness, therefore, should be treated differently in the process of wear and use, at the same time, determine whether the clothes rub off belong to the scale of the quality problem is not the same.

2, the difference of dye quality/equipment/process

in the process of dyed fabric, due to the use of dye poor quality or dyeing process, the equipment do not conform to the requirements of the standard, fabric itself color fastness can reach the national standard.

3, detergent improper selection

choose detergent is not proper, cause fabric rub off. Such as: silk and all kinds of hair products must not use strong alkaline detergent, once after use, most of the fabric will appear different degrees of rub off.

4, washing, drying, ironing method

because of washing, drying, ironing method is undeserved, can also be clothing color fastness problems. Such as: clothes in the washing solution soaking time is too long, the water temperature is too high, when the clothes to dry under the sun point-blank, ironing temperature can withstand temperature more than fabrics, can produce certain effect to the clothing color, different degrees of color fastness problems.
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