What are the main functions of glass water?

by:Jingliang     2023-09-18
​Windshield washer (also known as windshield liquid) is a liquid used to clean the windshield of vehicles and other vehicles. It is a consumable in automobile use. It is mainly composed of water, alcohol, ethylene glycol, etc. Anti-freeze, anti-fog and other functions. ​1. Cleaning performance: The car window net is compounded by a variety of surfactants and additives. Surfactants usually have the functions of wetting, penetration, solubilization, etc., so as to play the role of cleaning and decontamination. 2. Antifreeze performance: The presence of alcohol and ethylene glycol can significantly reduce the freezing point of the liquid, thus playing a role in antifreezing and quickly dissolving frost. 3. Anti-fog performance: A monomolecular protective layer will be formed on the glass surface. This protective film prevents the formation of fog droplets and ensures that the windshield is clear and transparent, and the vision is clear. 4. Antistatic performance: After cleaning the car window, the substances adsorbed on the glass surface can eliminate the charge on the glass surface, and it has antistatic performance. 5. Lubrication performance: The windows contain ethylene glycol, which has a high viscosity, which can lubricate, reduce the friction between the wiper and the glass, and prevent scratches. 6. Anti-corrosion performance: The car window net contains a variety of corrosion inhibitors, which have no corrosive effect on various metals, and the car topcoat, rubber, and absolute safety.
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