What are the performance of corduroy fabrics - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-22
What are the performance of corduroy fabric? Corduroy organizations to adopt a group two groups of weft and warp weaving weft double organizations to organize has tabby, twill, etc. Corduroy consists of a set of warp and weft woven into two groups, one group of weft ( According to weft) And warp weaving into consolidated downy cloth, another group of weft ( Velvet weft) Warp yarn and woven regular weft, cut off after the formation of fluff. Corduroy using ZhiZhi weft double organization, then through cut pile, cloth wick shaped article velvet fabric, also known as corduroy.

corduroy fabric performance:

1) corduroy fabric feels soft and smooth, clear article wool round, soft luster evenly, thick and wear-resisting, but tear more easily, especially along the pile direction of lower tear strength.

(2) the corduroy fabric in the process of wearing, fluffy part of its contact with the outside world, especially in the clothing of the elbow, neckline, cuffs, in areas such as the knee by external friction for a long time, nap is easy to fall off.
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