What are the standards for OEM processing of washing powder

by:Jingliang     2023-06-08
The OEM processing product of washing powder is an alkaline synthetic detergent, which is a chemical preparation for washing clothes. It was prepared from borates and silicates as the main raw materials in the early days. How much washing powder is appropriate, I believe many people will have this problem. Washing powder is closely related to our daily life, and we should pay attention to details when using it. Washing powder processing Because washing powder can show good decontamination effect in various water quality such as well water, river water, tap water, spring, and even seawater, and is widely used in various fabrics, the production and application have developed rapidly. . Now, washing powder is a necessary washing product for almost every family. The dosage of washing powder can refer to the instructions on the detergent. If the clothes are not too dirty or there is too much foam when washing, the amount of washing powder should be reduced to avoid excessive use of washing powder, which not only saves money but also protects the environment, and can make the washing machine more durable. Washing powder processing synthetic detergent is mainly composed of surfactant, and is equipped with appropriate amount of builder with different effects. Laundry powder refers to a powdered composition detergent. Many people think that the more washing powder is used, the cleaner the clothes will be. In fact, if the washing powder is used too much, it will accumulate in the clothes and the washing machine. After the sewage is discharged, the ecological environment will be damaged. In order to protect the rights and interests of customers and protect the environment, the manufacturers of front-loading washing machines have formulated some codes, and the goal includes the reduction of the amount of washing powder in recent years. Many laundry detergents on the market have added some new ingredients and have more and stronger washing functions. These ingredients mainly include surfactants, builders, stabilizers, brighteners, flavors and enzymes, etc., to achieve the purposes of easy solubility, cleaning, softening, foaming, and avoiding static electricity in clothing. In addition to absorbing water, the alkaline substances contained in the washing powder can also damage the bacteria on the clothing and denature the protein; Can add fragrance to clothes.
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