What are the tips for washing powder laundry

by:Jingliang     2023-05-30
Washing powder is commonly used in our family, and white vinegar is used as a condiment, and it can be seen everywhere in the kitchen, but in today's article, we put these two together, what will they have What about the magical effect? Let the laundry detergent processing tell us about it! Then we will do an experiment. First take out a container and add a little alcohol to it. Alcohol, in the process of volatilization, can quickly disappear the moisture in the container. Then we pour some washing powder into the container, and then add white vinegar into the container. After mixing them fully, let's take a look at what effect it has? Of course, we need to dilute the prepared solution with water before seeing the effect. Pour in an appropriate amount of water, dilute the solution, stir well, then pour it into a watering can, tighten the lid of the watering can, let's take the prepared solution and try it out. According to legend, it is A strong stain remover. The use of double-sided tape is very common in life, but if the double-sided tape is accidentally stuck on the table, it is difficult for us to remove it. At this time, use our homemade solution to spray a little On the above, let's take a look at the magical effect. Gently pick the double-sided tape with your hands, and it will be easily pulled off. In fact, this aqueous solution not only has a very good ability to dissolve double-sided adhesive tape, but also has a very strong ability to decompose the glue stains on our usual transparent tape. There will be that kind of yellow oil stain that everyone hates on the stove in our home. If this oil stain is not cleaned up in time, it will accumulate as a layer of grease over time. This kind of grease stain is very difficult to clean? In this case, this self-made solution prepared can help everyone solve this troublesome problem. Spray some solution on it with a watering can. This white vinegar washing powder can not only decompose the oil stains on it, but also has a strong decontamination ability. After standing for a few minutes, we have a towel and gently wipe the stove. , everyone, take a look, is it as bright as new? And it also contains alcohol, which is very volatile. After wiping, the water stains on the stove will also evaporate, leaving no traces at all. Well, the editor above introduced some tips about laundry detergent for washing clothes. You didn’t expect that white vinegar, which is available in every household, would be so useful! Has everyone learned this little coup? Everyone hurry up and give it a try!
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