What are the typical features of mulberry silk fabrics of mulberry silk - washing and maintenance method Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-21
What are the typical features of mulberry silk fabrics? Washing and maintenance method of mulberry silk, in summer, a lot of friends like mulberry silk fabrics of clothing, in fact, we is no stranger to mulberry silk, silk spinning, wrinkle, twill, satin, yarn, silk, didi eight class, has the characteristics of warm in winter and cool in summer. But mulberry silk, better than other fabrics can be put in washing machine, in order not to damage the fabric, what are the washing method mulberry silk? What is the distinguishing feature of mulberry silk fabrics?

a, the characteristics of mulberry silk fabrics

mulberry silk is made up of 18 kinds of amino acids in different combination and the proportion of the space, is a kind of protein fiber, these amino acids will send out a tiny components called sleep factor, it can make people nervous in a stable state, so as to promote the role of sleep quality and its fine silky texture at the same time also bring people to enjoy a comfortable sleep.

mulberry silk fabrics have good warmth retention property, hygroscopicity and air permeability, comfortable feeling of brings warm in winter and cool in summer, in the cold winter without a lot of quilt cover, it also avoids the heart and blood vessels during sleep under too much pressure and load, to ensure the comfort of sleep.

in natural mulberry silk fabrics containing a substance called hydrophilic side of amino acids, it can effectively absorb the moisture in the air and exclusion, maintained by the dry, therefore to suffer from rheumatism, arthritis, skin diseases, such as patients is very applicable.

2, washing and maintenance method of mulberry silk

1, pure silk surface stained with dirt not easily, so when cleaning within 30 ℃ with cold water or warm water, add cold sperm washing or neutral detergent, knead gently with the hand, can be made from soft and fine soft again after washing processing.

2, such as when using the washing machine, please insert the laundry net, choose soft.

3, has been a slight change Huang Ke in cleaning with 3 ~ 4 ㏄ vinegar, after soaking with clean water again can.

4, after the wash if a crepe hanger suspension, with the shade dry naturally, such as application needs ironing at low temperature, at the same time with a press cloth.

5, dark clothing must be separated with light color clothes to wash, to avoid staining with each other.

6, mulberry silk silk neutral detergent bath should be used when catharsis, cannot twist twist after washing, not the sun, hang to dry naturally.

7, mulberry silk silk when catharsis, if you can add the vinegar in the water, after wash fabric color more radiant light.

8, drying temperature in eighty percent dry pressing, anti-wrinkle, on the opposite face when ironing, keep luster, avoid water, avoid water damage.

9, fire protection, distance fire far, cannot put together with camphor ball, otherwise easy to brittle.
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