What causes the round table cloth after washing variation form - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-23
Most of the hotel will face such a problem, table cloth on the table for the first time, it is very beautiful and round, but use after high temperature washing after deformation, the hotel will think this is the manufacturer of the workmanship and fabric has a problem.

in fact there is a high temperature washing fabrics shrink problem. Home washing clothes and table linen are cool water at ordinary times, so not have the too big shrinkage is the most warm water or simply did not exist, but hotel tablecloths are generally wine stains or drinks, and some seasoning and oil. Washing nature is different from general household cleaning.

hotel are equipped with professional cleaning equipment, small restaurant choose the laundry, and these washing machines wash process is 80 - 90 degrees high temperatures, moreover, the high temperature drying this much higher than the temperature of the washing, the natural fabric will shrink and deformation. Originally circular becomes the opposite sex, and the fabric still exist horizontal plane and vertical plane, two sides of the shrinkage of not the same.

so, hotel at the time of purchase must be clear, the hotel is needed to deliver round and variability of after washing, or delivery time is of the opposite sex, go round after washing. According to the different fabric shrinkage when tailoring to put a few centimeters, so a little bit big size will be called. But each batch of fabric will still exist some difference, so the shrinkage has become a headache for the textile industry.

but actually in the international standard, fabrics shrink in 3% belong to the normal range.
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