What is a cool feeling fabrics? The purpose of fabrics of cool feeling. . . Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-20
What is a cool feeling fabrics?

cool sense fabrics? Cool feeling fabrics & other namely; CoolCore” Fabrics. COOLCORE stems from America's global emerging sports brand, brand is the core of the new permanent international group. Cool feeling fabrics is adopt unique craft, make the fabric quickly spread warmth, accelerate absorb sweat dispersion and reducing the effect of temperature, lasting keep the fabric features cool and comfortable. This is sportswear and outdoor leisure fabric new creation. Cool feeling fabrics will provide clothing comfortable sense of environmental protection, the ice cool for people's quality of life. As opposed to a cool feeling fabrics is thermal fabric.

cool feeling fabrics by absorbing heat to adjust temperature, cool factor to a person's skin a cool comfort. Cool feeling fabrics can be divided into: polyester fabrics of cool feeling and nylon fabrics of cool feeling.

cool feeling fabrics?

cool sense of fabrics for underwear fabrics, shirt fabrics, bedding fabrics, mountaineering wear, golf, leisure series, all kinds of fabric garment fabric, home textile fabrics, etc. , cool feeling fabric after finishing of textile surface temperature is appropriate, your person feels cool and comfortable. Cool feeling fabric has excellent washing resistance.
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