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by:Jingliang     2020-07-26
The sport of basketball, belongs to the upper body contact sports, more lower half body contact is confined to the hips. Movement characteristics above, belongs to the strong antagonism, range and strong, large movement range of movement. According to this characteristic, can draw out the characteristics of basketball jersey fabrics need.

basketball fabric features:

1, elasticity must be better, good ability to resist tear at

also have to crease resistant capability is strong.

in the game so strongly against the athletes broke out energy is unimaginable, probably he will tear the clothes after a dunk, if quality is bad, very embarrassing. And like some pitchers for shooting space, is not easy, sometimes have to pass several and roll to get this space in this field, so the elastic must be better.

2, moisture absorption ability stronger

although the stadium with air conditioning, but every shot is going to be the physical strength, flow sweat, sweat along the body feels not so good.

although you can wear a close-fitting suction under vest, but also should have the same basketball fabrics absorb sweat and breathe freely, for athletes to provide comfortable motion state.

3, better colour fastness to

athletes the color of the shirt is generally customized by the home team, is also and sponsorship agreement good, the interests of the sponsors is mainly by selling sports equipment to win, so; Basketball jersey must have the characteristics of it is not easy to fade, or other people spend so much money, wash it several times fade, is also really think & other; Money laundering & throughout; ?

what is a good fabric basketball uniforms

comprehensive above, basketball clothing can use lycra cotton, made into net surface fabric, is breathable and ventilated, not easy to tear.
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