What is a laundry? The laundry is the product of the era. - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-28
An innovative things break into the line of sight of people, take in all the eardrum, the laundry! It almost everywhere. So what exactly is a laundry, laundry sheet is what look like? With 80% of people are still smell its voice only, did not see its type exactly what makes so much so in love with a laundry?

below small make up analysis one by one to you.

what is a laundry? The laundry is the product of the era.

this is a piece of a sheet with the same laundry tablets, many people will ask, this laundry tablets can wash clothes? This is also I was curious, so one can wash a thin slice of ripping up clothes, is very novel and suddenly fall in love with wash his clothes, and enjoy it.

small make up that laundry is the product of the era, people make the most sound is health! Environmental protection! Return! The present China under the influence of the environment, changing of active or passive, economic change, the health of the people, called for health as the core of the brand.

in a dozen years ago China's strategy of combination of Chinese and western, was born the washing powder, but the things containing phosphorus chemicals such as detergent, washing powder is strongly basic ( PH value more than 12) Damage to the skin is bigger, so people give baby washing clothes is still using the traditional transparent soap. Then conveniently and laundry detergent, laundry detergent relatively mild phosphorus chemicals such as slightly lower but the heavy laundry detergent, and potentially carcinogenic ingredients fluorescent agent, in 2016 the national increase under the background of demand for material quality, laundry tablets become the inevitable product of this era, safe and healthy environmental protection, easy to carry, so no one can bargain and health.
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