What is a nano laundry? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-28
Nano laundry is different from the previous washing products, its main material is a special structure nanoparticles, washing principle is different also, won't produce chemical residue and pollution environment of laundry.

nano laundry sheet the following a few big characteristics can satisfy people's pursuit: in the aspect of the

1, enrichment activity is doubly decontamination

take the active factor of the leading super enrichment technology, each piece contains 65% active ingredients, 2-1 is ordinary laundry pills 3, 6 times that of traditional XiDiPin clean force, decontamination effect is more apparent,

2, fully water soluble doubly protect color

laundry immediately dissolved under the influence of water, no matter high and low water temperature, no turbid, impurities and residual. Of test show that, the solution could be more protective clothing and do not fade, the colorless true color shown in the

3, no phosphorus fluorescence by protecting

do not contain phosphorus, extremely easy to degrade the PH value is close to neutral, gentle, do not contain fluorescent whitening agent, talcum powder, protecting hands, wash close-fitting clothing, underwear to understanding of technology, treat clothing

4, low foam cleaning instead stay joss-stick

laundry tablets made solution, foam, less easy to drift 淸, multiple flavor types, from the open the packaging, to the clothes to dry, fragrant, fresh,

let your clothes aroma.

5, water environmental protection formula

water formula, foam less, reduce the pollution of the environment, save water, can satisfy the environmental protection consciousness of consumers now.
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