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by:Jingliang     2020-07-22
What is bright silk fabrics? “ Bright silk & throughout; — — Raw material is nylon, but the difference between ordinary nylon filament. This new fabric, after dealing with the special process of both the gloss ( Or even better than natural silk) , and absorb sweat, but through the sweat on the skin or underwear penetrating capillary structure to the surface, and after the sweat evaporation causes the feeling of cool; Natural elasticity, slightly adapted to human activities; Washing, maintain permanent bright color and good appearance. Microscopic structure make the fabric with a crisp, not easy corrugate, many excellent quality is generally that the nylon fabrics.

after the second world war, shortage of natural silk, people demand, in order to adapt to the demand of The Times, full of new ideas of the brain, Leo & middot; Cross ( LeoGros) Mr Should be time to surprise the successful development of a new fabric & other; Bright silk & throughout; ( Fil- lumiere) 。 The fabric is made of a kind of new polyamide ( polyamide) , with silk and the feeling is very similar in appearance, can provide a comfortable sense of natural silk. But it has high toughness, durable and convenient handling, imitation goods such as nylon.

Leo & middot; Mr Cross through trial and error, the synthetic fiber after the special craft processing and weaving, Fil - finally successfully developed a new fabric Lumiere( In the translation & other; Bright rayon & throughout; ) 。 Its birth not only to meet the needs of the consumers, at the same time than silk washes has more crisp, deformation, no wrinkle, no sticky features, and make up for the deficiency of the fabrics such as silk, cotton, fashion, unique to be montagut advanced fabrics.
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