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by:Jingliang     2020-07-27
A lot of friends in for the customer to clean clothes, there were different degree of rub off, in addition to care and foundation is not solid enough, for color fastness to understand shortage is also an important part of.

today say something more conceptual, also in the daily clothing has very big effect, in the process of washing clothes rub off phenomenon occurs and color fastness to have the very big relations, in different temperature and same physical or chemical environments have different embodiment.

what is the color fastness?

color fastness ( 色牢度) Also known as color fastness, color fastness. Refers to the textile color effect on in the process of processing and use of a variety of resistance.

color fastness is what mean? For what is the effect of washing?

color fastness are affected by what factors?

textile products in the process of its use will be affected by light, washing, ironing, perspiration, friction, and the role of the chemical agents and other various kinds of the outside world, some textile printing and dyeing and after special processing, such as resin finishing, flame retardant finishing, sand washing, etc. , this requires printing and dyeing textile color remains relatively fastness.

everybody to want to keep in mind that some here, the same material, processing technology, clothes reveal fastness, as well as some physical and chemical properties are different, can't rough treated, very prone to accident of washing.

what are in the process of actual washing fastness to reflect?

wash fastness, and fastness to dry cleaning, rubbing fastness, color fastness to perspiration, water be soiled fastness, and fastness to chlorine bleaching, the chlorine fastness to washing fastness, press, the fastness to saliva is a standard of color fastness to different situations.

in other words, on clothing before washing, we must look at clothing labels, and analyze the garment fabric and then make a decision after washed or dry-cleaned, adopt what kind of detergent for washing. Avoid clothing rub off.
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