What is cotton fiber blended fabrics fabrics - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-21
Cotton and linen fabrics of blended fabric is what? Cotton fiber blended fabric is refers to the fabric material is made from cotton and flax blended yarn. Blending is a yarn in the content of both the content of cotton and hemp, blended fabric is woven from the blended yarn fabric, the corresponding concepts are intertwined. Mixed refers to the fabric warp is a kind of raw material, weft is another kind of raw material.

hemp and flax blended fabric general with 55% of the proportion of 50% 45% cotton or hemp and cotton blended yarn. Keep the linen fabric appearance unique straightforward tinggua style, and has the property of cotton fabrics soft, improved the linen fabric is not enough fine clean, easy cottony faults. Cotton fiber grey cloth for cotton, linen more weft intertexture, fast texture smooth, feel is soft in pure linen cloth. Cotton blended woven fabric is lightweight, more suitable for summer clothing.
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