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by:Jingliang     2020-07-19
What is milk silk fabrics ingredients, milk silk is a kind of natural fiber and protein fiber composites, silk industry merchants usually call it as milk, milk fiber. So what is the milk silk fabric content? I think a lot of industry should be also is not very understand what is the composition of milk silk, there are many kinds of milk silk fabrics, silk fabrics milk refers to what fabric we discuss specific.

a specific content:

milk silk ingredients of what is said is to liquid skim milk, go after water of milk protein, add soft agent, slurry made from milk, and then through the wet spinning process and scientific processing, made of milk protein fiber, spinning and spinning made further can milk silk fabric. Is today one of the most potential fiber, and it can be blended and other fabrics, so also can produce sportswear, leisure coat, shirt, haute couture fabrics, etc.

specific content 2:

what is milk silk silk material refers to the milk product contains a variety of more than 17 kinds of amino acids. Close-fitting dress have embellish skin, the effect of zi smooth skin, milk silk at the same time also has a natural lasting bacteriostasis function, according to Shanghai health epidemic prevention station detection, its antibacterial rate of more than 80%, harmful to the skin of coli, staphylococcus aureus, mold has inhibitory effect.

the specific content of three:

what is milk silk material is milk silk, also called milk fiber and milk protein fiber, is a cow's milk as the basic raw material, after dewatering, oil, degreasing, separation, purification, make it become a kind of linear macromolecular structure of casein; With polyacrylonitrile again using high-tech means to blend, crosslinking, grafting, preparation as spinning dope; Finally through the wet spinning fibre, curing, drafting, dry, curly, setting, short fibre cutting ( Filament winding) .

specific content four:

milk silk ingredients is what also refers to a distinct from natural fibers, a new type of animal protein fibers regenerated fiber and synthetic fiber. Characteristics: soft, close skin with cashmere. Breathe freely, good wet, a refreshing; Warmth retention property is close to cashmere, very good; Abrasion resistance, resistance to pilling, coloring, strong were superior to cashmere; Because of the milk protein contains amino acids, the skin will not reject this kind of fabric, rather like a layer of skin, has curing effect to skin. Introduction on good.

what the content is in place of milk silk fabrics, will is of great help to you when buying clothes. What is elastic milk silk fabrics and the same species, and milk silk milk silk dress is easy to do. Milk silk clothing suitable for our fast-paced life, so milk silk garment has been leading the fashion circle.
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