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by:Jingliang     2020-07-28
The laundry is an innovative washing products, change the configuration of the previous washing products, light and easy to carry; Laundry using nanotechnology, enrichment technology are stronger than the same amount of ordinary washing products clean force, and will immediately dissolve in the hot and cold water; Does not contain phosphorus, without fluorescent whitening agent, biodegradable, almost no pollution to the environment, protect the environment at the same time can keep clothes clean and bright.

the about 4000 home cleaning products manufacturer in China, the potential about 300 billion yuan a year washing market demand, make numerous merchants flocked to it. But at present, many domestic washing market but there is a big problem. Currently on the market the most common washing powder and detergent, generally contain fluorescent whitening agent, proteolytic enzyme, the composition such as sodium tripolyphosphate, one of the largest fluorescent whitening agent risk, to old person or child, be sure to carefully choose the washing products.

according to relevant data show that the washing water consumption each year more than 800 million cubic meters, which due to the participation of all kinds of detergent, not only lead to sewage volume increasing, and difficult to handle. Experts said that if all adopt concentrated laundry, only Beijing can save $200 a year the amount of water in kunming lake, and laundry wastewater produced by it is easy to deal with, will not cause too much pressure on the environment.

proved by the relevant authority detection, due to the use of nanotechnology, of escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus antibacterial rate of more than 80%, has the very good bacteriostasis, greatly improving the sterilization ability when washing clothes.

a mature product, is very pay attention to quality, consumers buy washing products for health and safety is a top priority, the home of sweet subtle in the warmth of the feet on the ground, a washing products but choose wrong, soundly corrupt go out clothes, will harm the skin. How to choose the washing products, choose what price, how price, what brand, consumers are most concerned topic.

nano super concentrated laundry is a new kind of washing products, different traditional detergent and laundry detergent, nanoparticles cleaning technology developed in Germany, as the solid flake, not only clean and competent, and energy-efficient, make washing more healthy environmental protection, let washing win the favor of the consumers
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