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by:Jingliang     2020-07-24
What is polyester ammonia fibre cloth fabric?

polyester fiber cloth refers to ammonia polyester fiber and cotton fiber blended fabric, polyester as main ingredients, polyester-cotton blended with polyester as the main ingredients, by 65% 67% polyester and 33% 35% cotton mixed yarn woven fabrics, cotton twill commonly known as dacron.

in the polyester fiber is a fiber of the main varieties, known as & other; Polyester fiber & throughout; 。 Fast fabric has good elasticity, is the best of the all fiber anti-wrinkle, resistant to heat, and has the better performance of a shape. Two disadvantages of oil stronger affinity, easy adsorption oil, electrostatic adsorption dust, and wearing process difficult to wash, and cannot use hot iron and boiling water immersion.

wet gas absorption performance is poor, and moisture absorption rate is 0. 4%, easily electrostatic, suck ash method, need to be dyed under high pressure. 3 classification often buy a shirt of customer all know, a lot of shirt fabric with polyester/cotton or polyester cotton.

“ Tc & throughout; And & other Cotton polyester & throughout; , the order of the two words became in two different fabrics. “ Tc & throughout; Refers to the composition of polyester fabrics by more than 60%, the composition of cotton under 40%, also called TC. “ Cotton polyester & throughout; On the contrary, refers to the ingredients over 60%, cotton polyester composition of under 40%, also called CVC.

so, & other; Tc & throughout; And & other Cotton polyester & throughout; Two kinds of fabric, which one is better? This depends on the customer's preferences and actual need. That is to say, you want a shirt of the characteristics of polyester fabrics, choose & other; Tc & throughout; , in the hope that the characteristics of cotton, pick & other; Cotton polyester & throughout; 。 Tc is a mixture of polyester and cotton, feel less comfortable cotton. Wearing cotton absorbent.
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