What is prevented bask in garment fabric what _ fabrics - sun-protective clothing Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-26
What is prevented bask in clothes?

prevent bask in clothes is mainly made of polyester fiber, joined in the polyester fiber fabrics of sunscreen agents uv protection fabric, this can increase the prevent bask in clothes for ultraviolet (uv) and the effect of the scattering and direct sunlight, don't let ultraviolet through sun damage to human skin.

now many domestic prevent bask in clothes is use polyester fabrics, polyester is actually the polyester fiber fabrics in our country, the commodity name. And made of polyester material is prevented bask in clothes with strong and durable, good elasticity, good permeability and the advantages of fast drying, so prevent bask in clothes made of this material which popular among consumers.

polyester fiber molecular structure of benzene ring have the function of the absorb ultraviolet ray, prevent bask in clothes which fabric is good? So, should try to choose polyester fiber as raw materials of uv sunscreen.

what sun-protective clothing fabric good?

cotton is one of the prevent bask in clothes choice of fabrics, nylon fabrics have good wear resistance, not easy corrugate, etc. So a lot of sun-protective clothing fabrics is the cotton fabrics used black silk ribbon.

what is prevented bask in garment fabric good? In the face of numerous vary on the market is prevented bask in clothes, when choice is prevented bask in clothes choose sunscreen fabrics with good effect, so as to reach the effect of sunscreen.

is prevented bask in garment fabric that good? Prevent bask in garments of high quality fabrics lightweight, breathable, can carry; And inferior sun-protective clothing frivolous insufficient, make no difference compared with ordinary clothes, permeability is bad also, more important is does not have the function that have prevented bask in.
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