What is quick-drying fabric? Introduction - the quick-drying fabric components Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-21
There are a lot of the kinds of fabric, the function is different also. There is a kind of the function of the fabric is dry quickly, we call it a quick-drying fabric, what is quick-drying fabric? What is the distinguishing feature of this kind of fabric and?

quick-drying fabric characteristic of

available on the market at present is quick-drying clothes mainly can be divided into two kinds: 1. Water proof and breathable. 2. Not waterproof, but dry wet later can speed.

can use this kind of shape memory polyurethane produce waterproof breathable fabric adopts nonporous layer pressure or coating method, reduced due to the microporous in use process produce the shortcomings, such as the existence of the pore obstruction and, more importantly, can deeply moisture properties of the fabric as the body temperature varies. To achieve & other; Intelligent & throughout; The effect. Dress to make it suitable for a variety of conditions.

is not waterproof, but wet later can speed dry speed dry clothing, its technical accounting is not so mysterious, after all, they are nothing more than just for some chemical fiber fabrics. But as chemical fiber fabrics, its composition fiber also each are not identical, some are acetic acid viscose, some of them are blended, but overall characteristics are roughly the same: not waterproof, but also not bibulous, permeability is good. Once the body does not continue to sweat or no external factors will wet clothing, under the action of temperature or the wind will soon dry, but the wearing comfort are owing to the different fabrics.

quick-drying clothes regardless of what kind of material, by the comfort level are believed to be less than pure cotton texture of clothing, but because of its special structure of fiber, make its can be sweat soaked or in wet by rain after a dry soon ( Relative to the cotton clothes) , keep the body surface or the state of rapid return to dry.

quick-drying principle

ordinary clothes, fabrics, is nothing more than cotton, linen, chemical fiber this several. In fact, quick-drying fabric is adopted by the chemical fiber clothing. But due to the processing technology, made the quick-drying have clothing with ordinary clothes, different performance greatly.

1. Use the smallest diameter of water droplets and the difference between water molecules or molecular diameter air.

we all know that a common sense, even if again small droplets of water, it certainly is larger than the diameter of the water or air molecules. So, if the fabric warp/weft interweave the aperture between the control in the smallest diameter of droplets and the water molecules or air molecules between maximum diameter, can realize the droplets inaccessible, and air molecules and water molecules can be unblocked.

fabric made of using this approach, often referred to as superfine high-density fabric or high density fabric. This fabric long ago appear, to say, readers will be twenty years old or more, probably impression. Stores, more than ten years ago, there was a look ordinary cloth, with a round above water, water cannot penetrate into the fabric that is a kind of high-density fabric.

this kind of cloth, its advantage is light and durable, good permeability and softness, the disadvantage is that use after a period of time, the waterproof performance will be greatly decreased, and due to its spinning must pass special processing, the manufacturing cost is higher, is now out of the market.

2. The microporous membrane. Make the membrane pore aperture between droplets minimum diameter or air molecules and water molecules between the maximum diameter, then the composite membrane and the outer fabric, thus giving the function of waterproof breathable fabric.

3. Using fabric inside and outside layers of different composition hydrophilic and hydrophobic interactions to achieve the effect of waterproof and breathable. Due to hydrogen bond and other intermolecular forces, water molecules at the side of the high humidity adsorption of water molecules, hydrophilic group by polymer chain porch to the low humidity on one side of the desorption process, achieve the goal of ventilation.

4. Use of the characteristics of shape memory polymer. Shape memory polymer due to the motion of the molecular chain minivan lang the permeability have qualitative mutations. And its permeability varies with the change of temperature and humidity and adjust.
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