What is sleeve _ ice - sleeve can use washing machine Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-20
Hot summer, like a big oven outdoor, ice sleeve is also more and more people use according to the weather, you know what ice sleeve? Do you know how to clean the ice sleeve? Washed by hand or machine wash? Let below small make up take you specific look at!

ice sleeve is what?

we don't think it with ice ice sleeve sleeve, sleeve is ice silk principle, ice silk is viscose fiber, a kind of man-made fiber, choose the most suitable for human body moisture fiber to make ice sleeve, so wear up will be more comfortable not hot, because of the weave at the same time, help to sweat, so will be cool.

ice cleaning sleeve?

ice sleeve can be washed, but had better not use washing machine to clean. Or it will affect the effect of the sleeve of the ice and use.

prevent bask in the most direct and most important is to prevent ultraviolet harm the skin, without protective skin contact with intense ultraviolet light, the first is red, tan, sunburn, aging phenomenon will appear next, show spots or skin sagging or appear fine lines and wrinkles.

which is just what we see on the surface of, also is ultraviolet (uv) directly to the dermis, the destruction of skin collagen and elastic fiber tissue, speed up the skin aging.
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