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by:Jingliang     2020-07-24
Buy a suitable for own scarf, will no doubt give their beauty a bonus. But in meimei, give us grace scarf how do washing and maintenance? This should also screen goddesses of doubt, today take you look at the scarf washing and maintenance.

1. Silk scarves

silk scarf color is gorgeous, use it to do an ornament, it was very elegant and fashion. Silk scarves are usually more expensive, in order to maintain its good performance, in the know how silk scarves when must pay attention to the following respects. Washing

1, washing neutral detergent are available, and can not use alkaline detergent, soap, washing powder or other detergent to wash, more can't use disinfectant. Never use washing machine, silk scarves to hand washing, when cleaning knead gently, not can use gravity knead, to prevent fiber damage. General advice dry-cleaned.

2, washing good silk scarves, it is best to take water to dry, and it is in order, may not be in the sunlight, this will prevent fiber strength and color fastness. About eighty percent in the clothes dry, can be removed, so after drying silk scarf feels soft feel, and not easy to fade.

3, the characteristics of the silk scarf is acid-proof not alkali resistance, so in order to keep the colour and lustre bright-coloured, air basks in best before a few drops of acetic acid in the water, then put the scarves in the water soak for 10 minutes or so, and then pick it up to dry, bright colours so that we can keep the scarf. Maintenance

1, silk products should not be sprayed perfume, pure and fresh agent, etc.

2, don't use camphor ball when the deposit, because it may lead to silk scarves adsorption a smell or discoloration.

3, silk scarves hanger hung in the closet, had better use, don't use metal clothes hangers, prevent pollution, such as rust, and should be put in direct sunlight place, away from light.

2. Cotton and linen scarf

the plot of cotton and linen scarf always give a person a kind of literature and art, it is a kind of feelings, a kind of attitude to life, is a kind of & other; Exquisite & throughout; Is also a literary youth favorite. Washing

1, linen-cotton clothes had better not use washing machine, cotton and linen texture soft, if use the washing machine mixing, deformation, wrinkle easily.

2, before washing, plus some ordinary vinegar in the water, light color and brunet fabrics to separate soaking and washing, avoid staining. Water soak for about 15 minutes, no more than 40 ℃. It is important to note that the amount of vinegar cannot too much, otherwise easy to stain light color scarf.

3, when cleaning, should put detergent ( Do not use detergent containing bleach composition) Into the water, after completely dissolved, add the cotton and linen fabrics, soaking time is less than half an hour, the clean and dry cotton and linen scarves to keep the fabric, especially in the summer rainy season should pay attention to check and drying. Don't wring after washing, squash with the hand to remove water to drain, hanging in a dry ventilated place shade, strong light exposure of avoid by all means. Maintenance

the collection should be washed before, dry. Collection points deep light color classification, in order to avoid mutual dyeing.

3. Wool scarf class

wool scarf soft, silky, tied on always has a warm current spread throughout the body. Autumn is a wool scarf to fashion warm balance, whether to ceng street snap, or a sweet date, a beautiful wool scarf will make you truly unique. Washing

1, keep the wool scarf in the cold water soak for three minutes, the water temperature around 35 degrees, best attention to the water overflow the scarf. Rinse thoroughly with flexible or wool detergent for washing liquid gently, attention can't rub. Wash hands after twist dry, don't make too much force, more do not use the machine to dry. Wash after dehydration, wool scarf should be placed in ventilated place out to dry.

2, the temperature of the iron to medium temperature or wool position, the dry scarf before ironing evenly spray water and spread it on the soft texture of white cloth. Should along warp weft direction when ironing, absolutely can not oblique force, in order to avoid deformation of scarf, and according to the degree of deformation after washing and texture, appropriate ironing.

3, because the wool scarf, the structure of the organization is loose, and therefore should pay attention to when washing and using, avoid hooked nails and sharp objects. If only check out a yarn, can be flat or down warp and weft direction with fine needle pick the whole.

4, bear in mind that do not use hand to twist dry, do not hang to dry, jacquard or multicolor wool scarf shoulds not be long soaking time, different colors of wool scarf had better not put together the washing, in order to avoid staining. Maintenance

1, the material such as correct understanding of wool scarf have depilation phenomenon.

2, wool scarf had better not put them with the rest of the clothing, to avoid the zipper and button on the clothes hook, such as bad.

3, the scarf can be rolled into a cylinder, in the drawer, can avoid a creases.

4, pay attention to reduce friction, with matching jacket is too rough and hard, in order to avoid friction damage fiber lower intensity or produce the phenomenon that the ball. Tips

the warm scarf is not only necessary to keep warm, or concave shape adds window artifact! Winter often make a lot of girls find it hard to wear a thick coat fashionable feeling, add a scarf can actually modelling is big different, regardless of the mother weave the twist of the scarf, or luxurious fur collar can make look in style, modern degree doubled UP!
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