What is the cause of the popular laundry? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-29
1, mild stimulation

at present, the market of XiDiPin, PH mostly 8 & ndash; 14, more than 9 of detergent, damage to the skin will be obviously.

laundry tight control of PH value, to control the PH 7 or so, mild and not hurting hands, neutral does not hurt the clothes.

2, no phosphorus non-toxic

many detergent with phosphorus, brightener, lotion irritates skin, have an impact on health. Commonly used to help lotion to liver damage, whitening agent can damage the skin cutin layer, make the skin becomes coarse.

3, no fluorescent agent

in general detergents contain fluorescent agent, fluorescent agent not as easy as general chemical components are broken down, but to accumulate in the body, produce many harmful effects, greatly reduce the human body immunity; Fluorescent agent and the wound of protein, but also hinder the wound healing; Fluorescent agent can make human body cell appears variability tendency, its toxic accumulation in the liver and other vital organs, will become a potential carcinogenic factors.

damaged blood system: chemicals easily contaminated blood, while blood has certain self-purification ability, trace amounts of harmful substances into the among them, will be diluted, decomposition, adsorption, and discharge, but long-term, large amounts of toxic substances, poured into the, will cause the qualitative change; Enter blood circulation, can destroy the membrane of red blood cells, causing hemolysis phenomenon.

4, namely under the influence of water soluble

it is well known that washing decontamination ability of the products is on active matter, and laundry surface active matter content as high as 46%, will immediately dissolve in the hot and cold water. It is conceivable that it is clean ability will be stronger than the same amount of washing product market.

5, color bright color

the detergent, laundry detergent is strongly basic product, alkali performance damage clothing fibers, make clothing more wash more hard, as it is not durable, wash the wash color the gloom. Strong alkaline detergent can change the skin acid-base environment, after washed by hand, hand skin will be dry, fold, obviously this is a sign of skin damage.

laundry will not destroy the clothing surface and clothing itself, unique color-secure factor, can firmly lock the clothing dye, reduce the probability of clothes fade.

6, independent, dosage of controllable

laundry tablets of independent films, 1 piece only 4 g, light to carry. One piece, can wash a 3 - 4 kg clothes, equivalent to 10. To help more consumers control washing dosage, save money, save worry, and effort.

6 big health advantages, let this use of laundry and affordable strode into every household, gentle healthy formula, the highly effective decontamination capability, favored by consumers.
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