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by:Jingliang     2020-07-25
Coral fleece is a kind of home textile fabrics

a lot of friends like the coral fleece fabric

this what

just take a look at below

some introduction about coral fleece

a, what is the coral fleece?

coral fleece is a new kind of fabrics. Coral velvet, as the name implies, colorful, good coverage coral shaped textile fabrics. Fine texture, soft, not wool, not the ball, no fading, absorbing water performance is good, is three times that of cotton product. No stimulation to the skin, not allergies, beautiful shape, color is rich. It is due to the high density of fibers, coral, good coverage, like living coral soft posture, colorful, so called the coral fleece.

2, the types of coral fleece fabric

coral fleece fabrics, went up from two aspects, generally can distinguish:

1. Weave: warp knitting machine is the warp knitting coral fleece, called weft weft woven out of coral fleece.

2. MAO: one coral fleece, double coral fleece.

3. Color: plain printed coral fleece, coral fleece.

3, the advantages and disadvantages of coral fleece


coral fleece imported DTY superfine fiber as raw material to manufacture. Compared with other textiles, particularly its advantages: soft, fine, don't shed hair, easy dyeing.

soft, fine filament number, small bending modulus, thus its fabric has excellent softness.

good coverage: due to the high density of fibers, specific surface area is large, thus good coverage.

good permeability: because the fiber has a larger specific surface area, absorption effect and therefore have higher core permeability.

good clean: due to the fabric soft, can be wiped with objects fit closely, thus has good cleaning effect.

optical properties, because the fiber specific surface area is big, light reflection on the surface of the fiber assembly is poor, so, this kind of fibers of the fabric, colour quietly elegant, soft.


easily electrostatic, due to the weaving principle can exist wool phenomenon, before it is recommended to use water to wash it again. Due to off floating hair, it is suggested that the skin allergy and asthma should avoid to use the fabrics.

4, cleaning methods and the coral fleece receive


will first coral velvet bed is tasted or blanket roll idea into the net bag in the washing machine; Using general detergents and cleaning at room temperature, not bleaching washed; After natural air cleaning, do not use turn cage drying, ironing. Washed by hand


first added 30 degrees Celsius in the warm water to the container, and adding suitable amount of neutral detergent; Then put coral velvet bed is tasted, or blanket in a water container, soaked after 20 minutes, then gently rub repeatedly, make the stain release, to sewage; Reoccupy clear water is rinsed repeatedly clean, squeeze out water, the last in a cool, dry, not exposure.


in daily use, should often be coral velvet bed is tasted or blankets in the sun bath, and gently pat, the adhesion on the bed is tasted, or blanket of sweat, dust, scurfy wait to be removed, and fluff it carefully, can keep clean, soft, soft suede. Collection should prevent extrusion, can keep the suede quality of a material is elastic, care more.
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