What is the cost of detergent and washing powder in your factory? How is the quality effect? How are the profits?

by:Jingliang     2022-11-29
The cost of dishwashing liquid is 30 cents/catties less. In the secret recipe for students, the cost of dishwashing liquid is 30 cents to 1 yuan per catty, to prevent students from getting lost. It is very likely that whatever quality they want, it is very possible to get it. Immediately manufactured, soap powder is 1.34 yuan/catties. The quality of various washing products in our factory is very likely to guarantee that the promise to customers will be refunded after failure; washing products are not seasonal, and they are used in every store and sold. The market is not limited, the economic benefits are very rich, and the profit will be above. The daily net profit is less than 100 yuan. If you are willing to work hard, use your brains, and have appropriate sales methods, the annual salary of more than 100,000 yuan is not a problem. Concerning the cost of washing products, we are very worthy of attention: there are claims on the Internet that the cost of detergent is less than 3 cents per pound, such as 1 cent, 2 cents, etc., and the super strength is likely to figure out that to you, that kind of capital quality is helpless Occupy the sales market, because the quality depends on the height of the specific material, 1 hair and 2 hair, it is likely to feel like detergent, in essence, it does not have adverse effects on washing, we don’t have to blindly look for low-cost products, we need The key is quality, and quality is the basis for the survival and development trend. Related searches: Dishwashing detergent method CD | Laundry powder formula CD | Detergent formula raw materials | Detergent formula resources
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