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by:Jingliang     2020-07-29
Talking about washing it, heart big man, but cautious given; Clothing material, the type of stain, clothing or underwear determines what we choose to wash products; Laundry detergent, detergent powder, laundry soap, soap powder, along with a variety of scouring of the pen, way of doing laundry ball, playful tricks. Standing in front of the washing machine, face upwards long, who is the ultimate Nemesis that dirty clothes!

although I was not a housewife, but also know the laundry products is not free to use, but a foot into the supermarket, than the harem three thousand also rich varieties of laundry into the pupil. But sorrow dead baby, how to choose?

the choose and buy laundry products you also like her? Only to smell smell, as long as the bubble?

do you know the difference between what laundry products?

what is the difference between detergent, laundry detergent and laundry?

don't try so hard, don't be confused, today will give kiss under the science!

laundry detergent

are strongly basic ( PH value more than 12) , some phosphorus detergent, often remain after washing, it is difficult to clean thoroughly, cannot be used to wash, wore clothes, washing powder in the process of use and cannot be completely dissolved, residue easily lead to clothing damage, and is not easy to rinse.

laundry detergent

when using a lot of people find no dose, so consumers can easily excessive use of laundry detergent, easy to pour more wasteful, fall less clothes not clean, and will remain on the outside of the bottles. Because water problems in up to 80%, bulky.

laundry tablets

is a coined laundry products. It makes it easier to do the laundry, carry more convenient, laundry using nanotechnology, add natural plant enzymes, more security, in the same amount of use cases is better than ordinary laundry products have clean, deep clothing fibers break down a variety of stubborn stains.

laundry is an innovative, highly compressed technology to form a solid state of washing products, integrating efficacy, safety, environmental protection high-end laundry tablets. The weight of every piece of laundry tablets in 3. 8 g ~ 4。 Between 5 g, main ingredient: biological enzyme, anionic surfactant, nonionic surfactant, biological enzyme, hard water resistance factor and high-quality spices.

laundry does not contain phosphorus, do not contain fluorescent whitening agent, added natural plant active ingredients, mild not hurting hands, do not contain potentially carcinogenic substances ( Diethanolamine) 。 In addition, laundry and 9 large effect.

1, adjust the water hardness

even in high hardness water quality environment, laundry also can dissolve quickly, and will not affect its deep clean and protection of clothing color effect, so even in different parts of the water to wash, can wash out as clean and shiny effect.

2, deep scouring

laundry using biological proteolytic digestion technology, through the catalytic active enzyme, can make clean factor into clothing fibers, grab protein stain actively, achieve accurate decontamination effect, can not only remove the ordinary besmirch, also can remove blood and oil stubborn protein stain.

3, deep clean

laundry is a natural plant formula, formed by polymer, so water soluble is extremely strong, can quickly at the speed of visible to the naked eye under the influence of water soluble, and quickly into the cloth fiber layer in the form of macromolecule, anionic surfactant with the oil, the dirt out of fiber, has a strong hydrophilic non-ionic surface active agent, can remove dirt suspended in the water, will not cause secondary pollution to clothes, which can make your clothes don't wash the yellow.

4, low foam Yi Piao

laundry have adopted the special low foam technology, produce less bubble, in the process of washing machine wash or hand wash, are much more prone to rinse clean, the whole washing process is also more efficient clean, after washing clothes also won't have washing residues. Freezing cold, wash clothes more thick, if too much bubble will rinse several times, time-consuming, and it really hurt the hand takes the water!

5, protection of clothing color

laundry the ph value of 7, to neutral, truly gentle cleaning. When cleaning, won't make your hand skin becomes dry, after washing clothes is more soft and close-fitting clothing will not harm the skin. At the same time, please after washing laundry tablets using clothes not easy pilling, getting old, true have played an important role in protection of coat color.

6, long-term stay sweet

if spices will dissolve in the water, the fragrance will become weak gradually with clothes of water evaporation. Light super concentrated laundry is not the same, it USES the special aroma package technology, let the fragrance will not dissolve in water, but the attached directly on the clothes, after wearing dry clothes, your casual movements, will send out a light faint scent, is like a flower just went to lavender fields.

laundry tablets in addition to having to adjust water hardness, deep scouring, deep clean, low foam Yi Piao, protection of clothing color and long-term stay sweet and so on six big effect, at the same time does not contain phosphorus, fluorescent agent, talcum powder, non-toxic, truly green security washing!
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