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by:Jingliang     2020-07-22
The difference between a, softener and laundry detergent

the working principle of laundry detergent and the traditional washing powder, soap, active ingredients are surfactants. Difference is that: traditional washing powder, soap USES is anionic surfactants, alkyl sulfonic acid sodium and sodium stearate by give priority to, strong alkaline ( Washing powder PH generally greater than 12) And when use bigger stimulus and damage on the skin.

and laundry detergent with nonionic surfactant, PH value is close to neutral, gentle to the skin, and into the natural world, degradation of the washing powder is fast, so I become a new generation of detergent.

fabric softener, usually refers to the clothing fabric softener, also called clothing care agent, is a kind of washing care products. In fabric softener industry standards are defined as suitable for fabric washing with detergent used in the process of care, make the fabric soft, fluffy, eliminate electrostatic effect of washing care products.

the role of clothing fabric softener is like a layer of protective film to the surface of the fabric fiber evenly on the ground, due to the adsorption on the surface of the fiber softening agent, the coefficient of friction between the fiber decreased, has increased mobility, fiber inherent smooth, extension, compression performance also was restored, so become more soft and fluffy and elastic fabric.

2, complaisant agent can prevent electrostatic?

the clothes in the washing process, fines often winding, intertwined, and even break, clothes after repeated washing, detergent, alkaline role makes fiber smoothness, extensibility and flexibility of the inherent affected, show is the whole clothes look worn out, didn't shape, touch touch is stiff, clothes washing the more this feeling is more obvious.

of course fabric after toning complaisant agent, fiber to restore the original configuration, also significantly reduced on the fabric drape, make originally the ironing of heavy and complicated work become simple and easy, save time and effort. This is the clothes, silky secret.

softening agent is a kind of static, dynamic friction coefficient that can change the fiber chemicals. When change the static friction coefficient, touch touch has smooth feeling, easy to move on the fiber or fabric; When change the kinetic friction coefficient between the fibre and fibre to move easily between micro structure, namely fibre or fabric is easy to be out of shape. The comprehensive feeling is soft.
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