What is the difference between laundry beads and laundry detergent?

by:Jingliang     2022-10-19
Many friends may have more or less doubts in their hearts when they come into contact with laundry beads, and some people will compare laundry beads with laundry detergent to see what is the difference between the two, or say laundry detergent pods versus laundry What are the advantages of liquid. 1. Differences in ingredients: Comparing laundry beads with laundry detergent, from the surface, it seems that many laundry detergents are actually a lot of water and viscous agents, which will cause huge waste for the washing of clothes. are generally composed of surface-active enzymes and water-soluble film as the package. The active substances are 5 times the normal standard. Although the laundry beads are small, their cleaning power is 4 times that of traditional products. Just throw them into water for 0.5 minutes. It will be completely melted and free of fluorescent agents and phosphorus, which can be used safely and securely. 2. Convenience and portability can effectively control the addition and metering of laundry detergent, and can be cleaned anytime and anywhere without anyone waiting. Compared with traditional laundry detergent, it is simply not too convenient. 3. Advantages of 1. Instantly dissolves in water, low foam and easy to float. Imported brand of European production technology. The bead shell is resistant to high temperature and high pressure, but it dissolves instantly in water, leaving no residue. It can be said to be an advanced low-foaming concentrated formula . 2. Color-locking protective clothing, fragrant and lasting unique color-locking formula and odor-removing factor, to ensure that the washed clothes are whiter, the color clothes are more bright, and the fragrance lasts for the nose. 3. Never add any fluorescent harmful chemicals, the whole family can use baby clothes and adult underwear with confidence. 4. 4 times cleaning power, easy to rinse 4 times concentrated cleansing essence, containing multi-efficiency surfactants and cold water enzymes, can easily remove necklines, sweat, oil, blood, and other stubborn stains. 5. 1 piece is done, saving time and peace of mind, easy and convenient, the water-soluble film wrapped by the laundry beads is instant, and there is no residue, efficient and hygienic and does not dirty hands. 6. Never add any fluorescent agent harmful chemicals, the whole family can use baby clothes and adult underwear with confidence. The above is the comparison of laundry beads and laundry detergent brought to you by the data editor. If you want to know more relevant information, please pay attention to Jingliang Daily Necessities Co., Ltd.
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