What is the fabric - cotton stain survey Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-21
What is the fabric cotton stain survey? Explain first stain survey, this is a transliteration, English is Gabardine, is said to have been invented by the British brand Burberry, Burberry has been like to use this fabric to make clothes.

in fact as early as the original refers to is a kind of worsted fabrics, organization is 2/2 twill (right The so-called organization is refers to the weave of the fabric) More steeply, diagonal Angle, about 63 degrees. Fabric thickness is moderate, the range from a partial thin to medium thick.

it has another name, you will be familiar with: gabardine.

today, in fact, many other ingredients the same organization and style of fabrics, also called gabardine ( Stain survey as not many people use) , such as polyester do call: polyester gabardine, polyester and viscose blended do call: T/R/R ( T is the abbreviation of polyester, R is the abbreviation of viscose) Austin, LZ asked cotton stain is gabardine painted with cotton yarn as raw materials.
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