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by:Jingliang     2020-07-27
First tell you what is a laundry, laundry) nano super concentrated laundry pills, name a listen to feel tall, this is a new washing products, it makes the laundry sheet products can make it, it is very light and convenient to carry. Laundry using nanotechnology, super concentrated technology, stronger than the same amount of ordinary laundry products have clean. And will immediately dissolve in the hot and cold water, it does not contain phosphorus, biodegradable, almost no pollution to the environment, is an environmental protection product. In all laundry tablets it another revolution, feeling giving a person is bound to open the new concept of washing way.

this thing I rarely heard before, in the time to listen to a friend about this stuff, so he went to check the related information on this, see the discovered laundry abroad very fire, but domestic laundry with people or not. Since fire well abroad, means that laundry piece of this stuff is effective for certain, according to the author, the biggest characteristic is environmental protection, harmless laundry.

everyone don't know, maybe the detergent with laundry detergent generally contain fluorescent whitening agent, proteolytic enzyme, the composition such as sodium tripolyphosphate, one of the largest fluorescent whitening agent risk, especially for old people or children. Washing powder with laundry detergent and use at ordinary times, also is to have the pollution to the environment, such as washing with water up to 800 million cubic meters every year in Beijing, because this 800 million washing water contains a lot of laundry detergent and the harmful ingredients in the inside of laundry detergent, led to the sewage can not get effective purification.

laundry tablets are popular in Europe and the United States, domestic estimates have rapid fire up. Laundry at present there are many benefits, mainly has the following five benefits.

1, non-toxic harmless, especially at home to raise a child's attention! Have an effect on children's washing products, can avoid to avoid as far as possible, and women are using small nene will clean. So absolutely does not contain phosphorus, harmful material such as fluorescent whitening agent of laundry all with very good choice.

2, neutral PH value, this can avoid the strong base to clothes, can guarantee the quality of the clothes, lest you buy clothes washed it several times feeling for a long time.

3, nanometer ultra enrichment technology. Small volume, easy to store. You can take a little go out tourism, after, after all, convenient to carry, with washing powder and detergent must be inconvenient, but with a little laundry tablets, like take napkins that everybody should be convenient?

4, elegant and pure and fresh, with miss dior spent overflow honey scent, fragrant but not strong, weak and persistent, for up to 36 & ndash; 48 hours, make clothing pure and fresh and natural. I very like the feel of clothes there will be a little faint scent, what about you?

5, abnormal cheap, a laundry tablets can be washed 3 of 4 g & ndash; A box of 4 kg clothes, equivalent to seven. 5 kg XiYiLiang of laundry detergent, price is only half of the traditional laundry detergent.

this is the author summed up 5 points of efficacy and function, must have a lot of readers on laundry already hungry want to use, I want to do laundry this healthy green new washing mode, will bring about a new wave of washing at home!
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