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by:Jingliang     2020-07-23
A decent shirt can show a man's charm. That is why most women like by looking at their shirts. However, good shirt, but at the time of cleaning will be more trouble, especially the white shirt, when cleaning, there are many things need to pay attention to. So, specific how to wash the shirts to wear for longer time?

in the general case, when washing the shirt, all need to pay attention to the classification of cleaning, especially clothing can not be mixed white shirts and other clean, in order to avoid other colors, and the shirt doesn't fit your machine, the best way is washed by hand, and the specific operation method is as follows:

1, wash clothes, will fully soaked, collar cuff place put some toothpaste, even with the brush, brush gently scrub; Or to put some salt in the collar and cuffs, gently rub to wash, and then sprinkle some washing powder on clothes, soak in water for a period of time, in the very place. Brush with the brush, it is relatively easy, collar and cuffs are very clean. Other places can be cleaned with conventional methods.

2, can also use a small brush and detergent, brush to the collar and cuffs stains ( Not too much, see wet) And then put the clothes in washing machine, can go to remove all dirt. If you hand wash, you will get the same effect.

3, buy a new one or new shirt, before did not wear, collar, cuffs with gasoline ( It is best to white gasoline) , gently scrub once or twice, and then rinse after gasoline volatilization. After doing so, wear dirty easily wash

4, wash the collar and cuffs, sprinkle with detergent wash with rub garment board the whole shirt once or twice. Quick and clean.

5, after washing, put the shirt on a hanger, with the hand, parts of the body, up to the collar is take two head, pull out, after dry, no pleats.

seen in this article, you should learn how to wash the shirts, the other shirt except when cleaning should pay attention to again, generally in order to ensure that its version remains the same, need to be ironed after washing, it is also a need you have a certain skill, passbook or shirt are ironed out, even can damage its version.
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