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by:Jingliang     2020-07-17
Buy wool sweaters didn't wear the ball in two days, always let people plug: poor quality?

No! In fact the ball really is normal for some of the clothing.

may not heard the results you think accept them, and listen to the small make up to talk with you.

the origin of the bulb

what material actually the clothes will be damage in the process of wearing, fabric under constant friction, make its surface of the fiber end led, belt, hook, pull the pull out, and the fabric surface hairiness phenomenon called fuzz. With hairiness by pull out gradually, the average more than 5 mm, to inherit the friction, the fiber end would hook, winding form irregular spherical phenomenon known as the ball.

fabric as used in the continued friction, fiber ball gradually close together, and even on the fabric of fiber are repeatedly flex different directions, fatigue and fracture, fiber ball fall off from the surface of the fabric, but has since broken is the fiber hairiness will continue to be in use pull out and form a fiber ball again.

what kind of clothes easy pilling?

1. From the point of view of raw material, wool fiber and chemical fiber easy to pilling. Especially carded wool fabric or wool-like fabric as well as cashmere carded fabrics, etc.

2. From the Angle of yarn and organizational structure, small yarn twist, hairiness is more, the fabric structure is loose, with a long float line twill, satin weave fabric pilling easily.

sweater pilling after?

clothing appear pilling phenomenon, avoid by all means Shouting there with the hand, the correct method is after washing with scissors pompoms gently cut up, after several times of washing, as some loose fibers, the clothes pilling phenomenon is will gradually disappear.

pilling of partial less, can use finger to pull or with a small scissors to cut off, brush with cloth wool brush can, for the ball more, larger area can split the woolen sweater in the flat first desktop, according to the fabric stitch with the brush gently brush the dust off and straightening taut, with a special electric razor shave gently to the ball.

remind: sweater dress & other; Rules & throughout;

sweater pilling is really a headache, let sweater become rough, not good-looking, but also wearing uncomfortable. Therefore we must master the sweater pilling treatment method. In addition, if sweater keeps original beauty, the usual maintenance is also cannot be ignored.

1. Inner wear dress with matching coat lining is best is smooth, not too rough, hard, such as denim, wool hemp products, chemical products, etc. ; Garment bags don't pack good thing and don't put pen, book, package, etc. , so as not to cause systemic or local friction pilling.

2. Outer wear reduce friction with hard objects (as far as possible when wearing Sleeves and desktop, sleeves and friction, back and arm of a sofa sofa isometric time) And the strong pull hook.

3. Avoid by all means to pull, strenuous exercise, lest take off the cover, open hole, the ball.

4. To prevent contact with corrosive substances.

5. Often dust removal. With a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner dust removal, once a week. The weather is sunny day noon, dry for 1 hour, to keep them dry.

6. In time shoulds not be too long, about 10 days notice intermittent, to restore its elasticity, so as to avoid fiber fatigue.

7. Cashmere sweater, when stored in underwear folding, sealed plastic bags suit, flat on chest, coat to put on plastic bags after hanging in the wardrobe.

8. Cashmere sweater should pay attention to when stored in shading to prevent fade, should often ventilated, cool, damp, and exposure. If the sun to dry after appearing again into the wardrobe. At the same time around inside the wardrobe in the mildew proof, anti moth tablet, so as to avoid the cashmere sweater be affected with damp be affected with damp mildewy insect.

9. Cashmere washing method. Because of wool fiber surface consists of many scales, once stir with the washing machine wash cashmere sweater, makes the cashmere sweater felting, destroyed the good performance of cashmere sweater. Cashmere sweater cut, therefore, is not can use the washing machine washing, dry cleaning, best can also be washed by hand.
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