What to do with leather accessories, always wash the bad - on clothing Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-26
Clothing leather decorative accessories on the washing properties:

1, the characteristics of poor color fastness

the clothes washing, it is very important to grasp the leather accessories dyeing fastness. Most of the leather accessories are nappa leather and suede leather as raw materials, processed and become. Leather dyeing process and the use of dye material, and there is a big difference in the textile fabrics. Therefore, leather dyeing fastness are generally lower than the color fastness of textiles.

among them, the most nappa leather belongs to finish leather, coating agent containing a variety of different resin materials, fixed and light effect. Therefore, this kind of leather accessories color fastness to relatively better. And most of the color fastness is dyed leather is very poor. This should focus on.

2, the characteristics of the combination of leather accessories

on the design of various kinds of clothing style, color, structure need different collocation, leather decorative accessories area size is not the same. Generally can be divided into a large leather decorative accessories and smaller area of leather decorative accessories.

leather accessories for large-area clothing collar, shoulder, elbow, bag of the front cover, cowboy series, trademark and so on.

the edge of the smaller area of leather accessories for garment, piping, pimp weaving, pocket along the mouth, zipper the threaded, zipper head, leather buckle, etc.

on leather clothing accessories, always wash the bad, because you don't understand this!

3, the characteristics of textile fabrics and leather color contrast big

the clothing has a variety of textile fabrics, for example, cotton, wool, silk, linen, all kinds of new textile fiber, chemical fiber, blended, color fastness is the key of the washing the clothes. In addition, China's leather dyeing, color fastness to standards and foreign standards have very big difference.

foreign demand is colour and lustre is gorgeous, soft luster nature, feel the same soft continous silk, can not contain harmful chemicals, environmental requirements is very high, not pay attention to color fastness.

contrast, domestic leather accessories color fastness will be better, but we also cannot treat STH lightly. The clothing at the same time, most of the selection of leather accessories color and fabric color contrast is very big.

for example: white, shallow cream-colored fabric, black, dark brown leather decorative accessories; Gray, brown, fabrics, with dark brown, black leather decorative accessories; Bright red fabrics, with black and brown leather accessories. Especially in all kinds of light color, bright color of cashmere, wool sweater, black, brown, dark green leather decoration, need special attention when washing
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